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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Daily Oils

I have three oils that i would be very very sad not to have every day.  Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon.  I know there are many that i will soon add to that list, but i'm still such a newbie!  Okay, here's why i love those:

Peppermint: as soon as i'm feeling headache-y, nauseous or generally "bleh", i'll rub peppermint across my forehead, behind my ears, across the back of my hairline on my neck and on my temples.  It feels incredible and easily calms, if not takes away any poor feelings i was having.  I now carry peppermint everywhere i go with a little rollerball on the bottle for easy application, also, it smells amazing.  Last night i had an upset stomach, I put the oils every where i normally do, then added some to the top of my stomach and in my belly button.  I know, sounds crazy but i easily went to sleep without needing pepto or anything else.  Boom, awesome.

Lavender: I still diffuse 5-10 drops every night while we sleep, i recently have added 1-2 drops to the tops of our pillows, LOVE it.  I don't feel like the lavender is a fix all, we still have nights of restlessness, but the frequency of those nights are much more rare, i need to remember to add lavender to our feet when that happens!  A few weeks ago i was having some ingrown toenail issue (sorry, tmi). I did what i was supposed to and "dug it out", the next day it was hurting like crap, so i dropped a few drops of lavender into that toenail, the next morning it felt SO much better and by that night there was no pain.  HELLO!  Awesomeness.

Lemon: for months i've been using a high-ish end cream for my face, and although lots of people have had great results, i haven't felt like it's done enough to make it worth the money.  So i started using lemon oil on a cotton pad morning and night, and i also put it on my three inch scar on my neck from a partial thyroidectomy (from almost 2 years ago).  The other day my mom said how all of a sudden my scar was looking really good and the color was lightening.  I hadn't told her i had been doing anything differently, so the comment was completely random! It's working!!  I feel like it is also lightening the acne scars i have on my face.  I'll give it a couple more days/weeks and see if i can get a good before/after photo. I take a daily acid reflux medication, whenever i feel like it's not working, i'll put 2-4 drops of lemon into a small glass of water and i'll down it.  The heartburn goes away, not kidding! I'm still doing more research on whether it's wise to ingest the lemon daily. 

All three of these oils are in the premium starter kit that i originally purchased, but have since bought more of each oil.  I'm considering doing an oil party, if anyone is interested in smelling the oils i have and asking questions.  Would anyone be interesting in something like that?

Yay for natural ways of healing!